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B&Q are the leading retailer for home improvement and garden centres in Europe and the third largest in the world. They are part of Kingfisher and their headquarters is located in Hampshire, well-known as their store support office.

The products that Conservatories B&Q have to offer are from various categories, such as garden, rooms, décor, fix, build and eco. Their designers are bound to provide you with the best and most original products on the market. Apart from selling actual things, they also help you with pieces of advice from experts, including DIY, calculators, how-to’s and buying guides.
Conservatories B&Q makes five promises to their customers, and they never fail to keep them:

  • Value – “You can trust B&Q to give you the best value”
  • Our People – “Our friendly experts are here to help”
  • Inspiration – “Always something new, exciting, innovative”
  • Choice – “We have what you want and need, when and where you need it”
  • Ease – “We make it easy for you”

The Conservatories B&Q category is comprised of multiple sections, among which features & benefits, planning permission & building regulations, why buy a self-build conservatory from b&q, frequently asked questions and one section for each of their four conservatory styles available – Edwardian style, Victorian style, Traditional Lean-to style and Pavilion style.

Conservatories B&Q – Features & Benefits

Their self-build conservatories all consist in:

  • Conservatory frames that are manufactured with a 70mm profile system to BS EN 12608, reinforced with aluminium.
  • Conservatory roof that is manufactured from aluminium and it is clad with PVCu, which is accredited by the BBA *British Board of Agreement). *This BBA accreditation signifies that the roof has to be tested and has to meet certain technical requirements in what concerns strength, ventilation, solar heat gain and security.
  • Conservatory roof is glazed with 25mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof sheets and is supplied in two tints, depending on your choice. An opal tint for white conservatories and a bronze one for Rosewood conservatories.
  • Conservatory can be upgraded to Low-E energy efficient glass in order to improve the thermal performance during those harsh winter months.
  • All styles, Edwardian, Victorian and Pavilion style conservatories come with a 25 degree roof pitch, except for the Traditional conservatories, which have a 5 degree roof pitch.
  • The conservatories for which you choose size 3, all include a roof vent with an operating pole.
  • Every internal PVCu window board is supplied with all dwarf wall models.

Conservatories B&Q is the way to go!

Conservatories B&Q even choose their suppliers extra carefully, so that the customer can feel at ease in their new home extension, without having to worry about the sturdiness of the construction or the quality of the building materials. The B&Q conservatories supplier is Canterbury Conservatories, which is one of the largest manufacturers of complete PVCu conservatories in the UK and with which they are partners for well over 15 years.

The Conservatories B&Q home delivery time is of only 21 days from the moment that you placed your order and, better yet, getting your DIY conservatory delivered won’t hurt your pocket – IT’S FREE DELIVERY! After the placement of your order, you will receive in about 3 days’ time a detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step installation DVD. This will help you familiarize yourself with the installation process that awaits you in approximately 3 weeks. It also contains tips and tricks to make your job easier. Along with your conservatory kit, comes the technical installation manual that is tailor-made to the specific model that you had chosen. In case you chose a dwarf wall conservatory, a plan for it will be included, as well as detailed base plans.

Conservatories B&Q have a 10-year guarantee, backed by insurance, while their hardware has a 2-year guarantee.

The experts from Conservatories B&Q are guaranteed to satisfy all your DIY needs through their self-build conservatories, helpful team of dedicated professionals and offers hard to refuse.